Sunday, 27 April 2014

Deciding to take the guitar more seriously

I bought a guitar around a year ago and I've
 learnt to play it to a certain point. I would personally love to be it really good at it so i think i should take it more seriously. They always say practice makes perfect.. so i should put it to the test yeah? yeah ! anyways if i get really good i will upload a voice not of me playing it. I was searching how to get better, it seems learning lots of songs is a way and practicing hing techniques of moving my fingers around the guitar. To be honest when i first picked up the guitar it was the most awkward hing ever. my fingers were so stiff and i was like am i really gonna get good at this, but a year later with of and on practice i can play a tune or two.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Freind or Foe

Recently I have been wondering about a certain "friend" in my life, its been really strange you know. I feel like I have good reason to think that this person feels forced to be friends with me. okay lets review the signs?
1) Does not say hi by themselves
2) only speaks properly when other friends are around( the ones that he gets along with)
3) sees me obviously sitting by myself but chooses to sit behind me
 I don't like this type of situation, i am all up for True friendship... i don't like pretend friends, its such a waste of time. I've been thinking of just turning around one day and just saying " you don't have to force yourself to be a friend of mine, just cause we have friends in common". As for me I have no issues with the guy, and am called to love everybody. Therefore I keep treating him nicely, but its getting a bit tiring. On the other hand I guess others people behaviour should not influence my behaviour and alter my good intentions. But I am human, i really do notice it. ahh well... I  think one of these days I may end up saying something, LOL it would probably make things awkward for the friendship group. lol I honestly dislike causing friction! but its cool, its coming to the end of this semester. I have to concentrate on Exams  now.

Are we friends?
someone once said
if you ever have
to ask
this question you
the answer already.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Where are your Bus manners!!

Today was a very long day and i was looking foward to getting home,  taking a nice nap and having a cup of tea. however due to unforeseen events that was ruined, I am home now but the journey back was very much ANNOYING. If there was an award for most annoying bus passenger in the world this man would win it.
This is how a normal bus sanario would play out
you come in, you see its packed there are 1 or two seats left. the person who is sitting already sees your struggle has empathy for you and welcomes you to sit down. making enough ROOM for you.

My sanario
I walk into the bus is packed and yes only one seat, i seat next to this man thinking he was going to move his arms. But did he not, He deliberately made me feel uncomfortable by jabbing his elbows into my arm. pretending not to sense my discomfort. i hate contact with strangers so i tried to put my bag in the way. it didnt work. I was Outraged!! I ended up moving when some people got off but that man needs some better Bus manners. Geez

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Life Changer

Life changing experience....
Okay so last week I went over to my aunts for a week, one evening i was on the bus 81 and as I was sat there something kept pushing me to stand up and talk about my faith. It was sooo nagging it was like "talk about Christ". I was like is this just me talking?.At the end of the day I got off the bus without saying anything. But as I got out of the bus i prayed and I was like "God if you really want me to do this, let it happen again". I may be loud but am not usually soo confident that I would stand up in a bus.
Anyway some days went past and i was on my way to church on a Sunday, i was on the bus and it happened again. I was like are you serious? And this time, with my nervous self I went in front of the bus and spoke to the people on it. I talked to them about my faith and i said "Some of you here may not believe in Christ, but if you are ever in a DARK place call unto him, he wants to help". I left it at that and went back to my seat.
I can hardly explain how i felt afterwards. I can't it on words.
Its been couple of days since i did that, i was speaking to my house mate about it and she said i had to share.
so whats the point of me posting this? well its to encourage people, it may seem crazy but do what God tells you to, no matter what people think. You don't know who you are reaching.

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Fashion Segment

I have recently rejuvenated my love for fashion, I really really like it. well so it seems, therefore this is my attempt at a fashion Blog. it will exhibit my style and my tastes :D also reviews on big fashion trends.

The Race Issue

Sighs, recently I've been coming into contact with a lot of issues that concern race and perception. This Issue tends to tire me out, the most recent is the #itooamhavard movement. I am not American but I do know what affirmative action is. It's definitely not an excuse to look down on people who have obviously worked hard to get where they are. You would think in such an Institute held in high prestige by most people in the world would be less ignorant. Ignorance is a disease that robs people of the chances they deserve, it blinds people from seeing the  good qualities other human beings have. My                                                                                           conclusion about this issue - Be Myself.

Being myself means
- working hard because instilled in me is a good work ethic
-being optimistic and excellent in everything I do
-being well mannered and confident as I was brought up.
-speaking up when I see and injustice.
-Loving people enough to give them a chance.
At the end of the day everything stems from Me, My Mindset and My Insight. No outside influences will alter the way I perceive myself ever.

Link for #itooamhavard-

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Crazy Crush!

I and a friend went for a meal  after  an  exam today, it was a nice break from all the stress of studying and anxiety lol. We got talking and ended up on  topic of relationships, currently my friend is in a relationship and they are so perfect together, she found a really nice gentleman. Lol .. I say gentleman when they are really nice. We discussed our past crazy crushes which was funny and also observed how people rush into things when they are not ready. I have not been in a relationship yet and I don't want to because the me right now at this moment is definitely not ready lol. But one thing I've noticed about my previous crushes is how intense they were.I indirectly hinted this to my friend lol. When you crush on someone you are so blinded by the false image you have of them,  you can't even see the real person. That's what I found when  my crushes ended, it's not that my crush had changed but because I had cleared the rosy smog that blocked my view of who he really was I truly saw him for......wait for it who he really was!. What am I trying to say?  
From observations of myself I think people when they first like each other should take time to clear any rosy smog clouding their view of the person they admire. Of course not everyone is like me but i see this as a pointer to work on, you don't want any ugly surprises when you are in the middle of a relationship. That's why the statement "you've really changed", is sometimes invalid. Its not that they have changed, its beacuse you didn't take your time to really SEE .
 my conclusion - Honesty is Key , :D I love chats with friends they always get you to think.

And to be honest am also at an advantage because I believe that God will help me out the the time comes.